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Islami Jamiat-e- Talaba Pakistan, A students' organization, founded on 23rd December 1947 in Lahore and after a tireless struggle of last 56 years has become the largest and the most organized students' organization in Pakistan. Jamiat has been striving for upholding the banner of Allah since its inception and its main emphasis has been at conversion of the society by preparing Islamic mindset among the nation, particularly in students.

Jamiat has a conviction that without the implementation of Islamic laws, the society can never be converted into Islamic culture and cannot be able to reflect the directions of Islamic teachings onto the world. Jamiat has always tried for the betterment of Pakistan regardless, whose ever is the ruler of Pakistan. Students are those who have been affected more by the infraction of rulers in many ways in Pakistan.

Therefore, many impediments and constraints came into various shapes in the way of Jamiat to avert it to move further from its aristocratic mission of Islamization like the ban on students' union in academic institutions which was a main source to develop influence of students. But, fortunately, Jamiat has succeeded to move forward with its global mission of Islamization. The students have abominated the bars produced by the rulers because it was due to the thought that students be avoided to involve in issues relating political concerns and national interests of the country. Hence, yet, our universities are unable to restore ban on students' union despite the honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan has adjourned through its landmark decision to make necessary arrangements for students' elections in the universities and colleges of Pakistan.

Now, Islami Jamiat-e- Talaba is the biggest organization amongst students in Pakistan. It has never deviated from its basic mission and goal of establishment of an Islamic Society, which guarantees peace, justice, employment, prosperity, education, health and social security for its inhabitants. This is a consequence of Jamiat's endeavor that many of its accomplices have presented their immolation in Kashmir, Afghanistan and in Pakistan against the rival forces.

Islami Jamiat Talaba has been trying to save the youths from astray, delinquency, obscenity by showing them a path of righteousness and good deeds for the sake of infinite hereafter and the success in this worldly life. This is because of view that only youths could play decisive role in any revolution because of the historical fact that revolutions come with the help of young and dynamic factor and this is an obligation for revolution that a big part of its followers and associates shall follow ethics and morals.

No doubt Jamiat is a trend settler in regard to that it fractionated the effects of left and secular lobbies in educational institutions of Pakistan since the decade of 80's, subsequently these lobbies are in a desperate plight to defend itself in the academic institutions within the entity of Pakistan. Therefore, Jamiat's endeavor is widely acclaimed in every element of life including ulemas, teachers, students, intellectuals, politicians and those who belong to Pakistan's defense.


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